Gateway to the Classics: Four American Explorers by Nellie F. Kingsley
Four American Explorers by  Nellie F. Kingsley

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Lewis and Clark
The Two Captains
The Start
June and July
The First Indian Council
The Mountain of Little People
The Council with the Sioux
An Indian Dance
Winter among the Mandans
Indian Hunts
The Mandan Indians
The Winter
Fights with Grizzly Bears
An Important Decision
Making a Cache
An Exciting Morning
Passing the Falls
Up the Jefferson River
The Columbia River Reached
Among the Indians
Down the Snake River
Down the Columbia
Fort Clatsop and the Start Home
Ascent of the Columbia
Crossing the Bitter Root Mountains
Captain Lewis's Adventures
Captain Clark's Adventures
The End of the Great Expedition

John Charles Fremont
A Start in Life
First Work for the Government
Second Expedition with Nicollet
First Independent Western Expedition
The Party Divided
Second Independent Expedition
In the Far Northwest
Over the Sierra Nevadas
The Descent into the Valley
Troubles with Mexicans
A Government Message
Frémont's War
The Fourth Expedition
The Last Years of Life

Elisha Kent Kane
Studies Medicine
In Foreign Lands
In Mexico
Sent to the Arctic Seas
In the Polar Regions
Fast in the Ice
Bears and Walruses
Traces of Franklin
Winter in the Ice
Off for Home
Plans for a New Expedition
Journeying by Land and Sea
A Visit from Eskimos
Another Arctic Winter
The "Advance" Left in the Ice
Home Again

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