Gateway to the Classics: Tales of Greece and Troy by Andrew Lang
Tales of Greece and Troy by  Andrew Lang

Table of Contents

Back Matter

The Boyhood and Parents of Ulysses
How People Lived in the Time of Ulysses
The Wooing of Helen of the Fair Hands
The Stealing of Helen
Trojan Victories
Battle at the Ships
The Slaying and Avenging of Patroclus
The Cruelty of Achilles and Ransoming of Hector
How Ulysses Stole the Luck of Troy
The Battle with the Amazons and Memnon
Ulysses Sails To Seek the Son of Achilles
The Slaying of Paris
How Ulysses Invented the Horse of Tree
The End of Troy and the Saving of Helen
The Slaying of Agamemnon and Sorrows of Ulysses
The Enchantress Circe, Land of the Dead, Sirens
The Whirlpool, Sea Monster, and Cattle of the Sun
How Telemachus Went To Seek His Father
How Ulysses Escaped from the Island of Calypso
How Ulysses Was Wrecked, Yet Reached Phaeacia
How Ulysses Came to His Own Country
Ulysses Comes Disguised to His Own Palace
The Slaying of the Wooers
The End
The Children of the Cloud
The Search for the Fleece
The Winning of the Fleece
The Wedding of Æthra
The Boyhood of Theseus
Adventures of Theseus
Theseus Finds His Father
Heralds Come for Tribute
Theseus in Crete
The Slaying of the Minotaur
The Prison of Danae
The Vow of Perseus
Perseus and Andromeda
How Perseus Avenged Danae

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