Gateway to the Classics: The Joyous Guests by Maud Lindsay and Emilie Poulsson
The Joyous Guests by  Maud Lindsay and Emilie Poulsson

Table of Contents

Front Matter

The Yule Log
King Dog
Christmas Greens
Lord Bertram's Ransom
Under the Mistletoe
The Tailor's Question
The Village Fiddler
The Dance on the Green
Christmas Songs
The Tinker's Giant
The Eton Lad
The Cow That Carried a Queen
Enter a Chapman
Larry's Wooing
The Chapman Feasts
The Lad Who Lost the Christmas Cake
The Squire's Lady Catechises the Children
The Child and the Fox
Wassailing the Apple-Trees
To the King's Taste
The Little Wise Woman
The White Moon
What Befell the Lady Elinore, Part 1
The Guests Discuss the Tale
What Befell the Lady Elinore, Part 2
The Scholar's Letter
The Golden Galleon
The Snowfall
The Sixteenth Egg
The Nurse Calls the Children to Bed
The Lucky-Stone
The Lull in the Wind
The Child in the King's Lap
Twelfth-Night Revels
Jem, the Mummer
The Vicar Bethinks Himself
The Caroler

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