Gateway to the Classics: The Joyous Travelers by Maud Lindsay and Emilie Poulsson
The Joyous Travelers by  Maud Lindsay and Emilie Poulsson

Table of Contents

Front Matter

The Squire's Little Son
The Nurse
The Wishing-Well
The Chapman
The Boy and the Blacksmith
The Older Sister
The Clever Shepherdess
The Aunt
The Two Companions
The Farmer
Gaffer Wiseman's Choice
The Farmer's Daughter
Pretty Is As Pretty Does
Music: Song of Farmer's Daughter
The Scholar
The Merry Clown
The Scholar His Wand
The Little Cripple
The Squire's Lady
The Three Sons
By the Wayside
Lady Cicely Went A-Maying
Music: Lady Cicely's Song
The Chapman His Return
Barnaby's Goose
The Younger Sister
Lucy on May Morning
The Young Lord's Servant
Master Fox
The Scotch Maid
Olaf of the Golden Harp
The Young Lord
The Queen's Tree
The Squire
The Wonder-Horse

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