Gateway to the Classics: School of the Woods by William J. Long
School of the Woods by  William J. Long

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School of the Woods
by William J. Long
Through vivid depictions of a dozen family groupings, the author demonstrates that mother animals and birds often train their young in order to supplement their natural instincts. The deer and her fawns, the black bear and her cubs, the fishhawk and her nestlings, the keen-eyed heron, the stupid porcupine, and the mighty moose are some of the animals whose teachings are described in this book.  Ages 10-14
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Table of Contents

Front Matter

On the Way to School
What the Fawns Must Know
A Cry in the Night
Ismaques the Fishhawk
A School for Little Fishermen
The Partridges' Roll Call
When You Meet a Bear
Quoskh the Keen Eyed
Unk Wunk the Porcupine
A Lazy Fellow's Fun
Umquenawis the Mighty
At the Sound of the Trumpet
The Gladsome Life
How the Animals Die

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