Gateway to the Classics: The Story of Greece by Mary Macgregor
The Story of Greece by  Mary Macgregor

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The Story of Greece
by Mary Macgregor
Stories from the history of ancient Greece beginning with mythical and legendary stories of gods and heroes and ending with the conquests of Alexander the Great. Gives short accounts of battles and sieges, and of the men who made Greece a great nation.  Ages 10-14
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The Great God Pan
The Six Pomegranate Seeds
The Birth of Athene
The Two Weavers
The Purple Flowers
Danae and Her Little Son
The Quest of Perseus
Andromeda and the Sea-Monster
Acrisius Is Killed by Perseus
Achilles and Briseis the Faircheeked
Menelaus and Paris Do Battle
Hector and Andromache
The Horses of Achilles
The Death of Hector
Polyphemus the Giant
Odysseus Escapes from the Cave
Odysseus Returns to Ithaca
Argus the Hound Dies
The Bow of Odysseus
The Land of Hellas
Lycurgus and His Little Nephew
Lycurgus Returns to Sparta
The Training of the Spartans
The Helots
Aristomenes and the Fox
The Olympian Games
The Last King of Athens
Cylon Fails To Make Himself Tyrant
Solon Frees the Slaves
The Athenians Take Salamis
Pisistratus Becomes Tyrant
Harmodius and Aristogiton
The Law of Ostracism
The Bridge of Boats
Darius Rewards Histiaeus
Histiaeus Shaves the Head of His Slave
Sardis Is Destroyed
The Sandal Sewn by Histiaeus
Darius Demands Earth and Water
The Battle of Marathon
Miltiades Sails to the Island of Paros
Aristides Is Ostracised
The Dream of Xerxes
Xerxes Orders the Hellespont To Be Scourged
"The Bravest Men of All Hellas"
The Battle of Thermopylae
The Battle of Artemisium
Themistocles Urges Eurybiades To Stay at Salamis
Themistocles Tricks the Admirals
The Battle of Salamis
The Battle of Plataea
The Delian League
Themistocles Deceives the Spartans
Themistocles Is Ostracised
The Eloquence of Pericles
Pericles and Elpinice
The City of Athens
Great Men of Athens
The Thebans Attack the Plataeans
Attica Is Invaded by the Spartans
The Last Words of Pericles
The Siege of Plataea
The Sentence of Death
Brasidas Loses His Shield
The Spartans Surrender
Brasidas the Spartan
Amphipolis Surrenders to Brasidas
Alcibiades the Favourite of Athens
Socrates the Philosopher
Alcibiades Praises Socrates
The Images of Hermes Are Destroyed
Alcibiades Escapes to Sparta
The Siege of Syracuse
The Athenian Army Is Destroyed
Alcibiades Returns to Athens
Antiochus Disobeys Alcibiades
The Walls of Athens Are Destroyed
The March of the Ten Thousand
Pelopidas and Epaminondas
The Seven Conspirators
The Battle of Leuctra
The Death of Epaminondas
The Two Brothers
Timoleon Sends Dionysius to Corinth
Icetes Tries To Slay Timoleon
The Battle of Crimisus
Demosthenes Wishes To Become an Orator
Demosthenes the Greatest Orator of Athens
The Sacred War
Alexander and Bucephalus
Alexander and Diogenes
The Battle of Granicus
The Gordian Knot
Darius Gallops from the Battlefield
Tyre Is Stormed by Alexander
The Battle of Gaugamela
Alexander Burns Persepolis
Alexander Slays His Foster-Brother
Porus and His Elephant
Alexander Is Wounded
The Death of Alexander
Demosthenes in the Temple of Poseidon

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