Gateway to the Classics: A History of France by H. E. Marshall
A History of France by  H. E. Marshall

Table of Contents

Front Matter

How the Gauls Bent the Pride of Rome
How Vercingetorix Died for His Country
The Saints of France
The Scourge of God
The Story of Clovis
The Story of the Sons of Clovis
The Do-Nothing Kings
Charles the Hammer
The Story of Pepin the Short
King of Lombardy
The Defeat of Roncesvalles
The Emperor of the West
The Field of Lies
The War of the Three Brothers
Louis II the Stammerer and His Sons
How the Men of Paris Defied the Sea Kings
How Rollo Did Homage to the King of France
How Hugh Capet Became King of France
How the Bishop Betrayed His Friend
The Beggars' King
The Peace of God and the Truce of God
How Harold the Saxon Paid a Visit to Duke William
How Duke William Sailed to England
The Battle of Hastings
How Peter the Hermit Preached God's War
The First War of the Cross
How the People of Laon Fought for Freedom
How The King of France Fought His Vassal
The Second War of the Cross
How a Queen of France Became Queen of England
How Normandy Was Lost to England
The War with the Albigenses
The Battle of Bouvines
The Story of Hugh de la Marche
"Cross of the Voyage Over the Sea"
The King's Last Voyage
The Story of Peter the Barber
The War between Knights and Weavers
The Pride of Rome and the Pride of France
The Salic Law
War with the Flemish Merchants
Battle and Plague
How the King Quarrelled
The Jacquerie
How Stephen Marcel Would Have Betrayed Paris
How an Ugly Little Boy Became a Great Knight
How Duguesclin Fought the King's Enemies
The Madness of the King
The Battle of Agincourt and After
The Story of the Maid of Orleans
The End of the Hundred Years' War
How the King Fought with Charles the Bold
The Troubles of the Duchess Mary
Dreams of Glory and Dominion
The Knight without Fear
The Battle of the Spurs
How Bayard Knighted the King
How the King Was Taken Prisoner
How the Duke of Guise Defended Metz
How Calais Once More Became a French Town
The Riot of Amboise
Huguenot and Catholic
The Massacre of St. Bartholomew
The War of the Three Henries
The Protestant King
The Edict of Nantes
The Reign of Favourites
The Taking of La Rochelle
The Power of the Cardinal-King
How a Great Lady Besieged Orleans
The Man in the Iron Mask
The Grand Monarch
The Revocation of the Edict of Nantes
The War of the Spanish Succession
Bubble Wealth
Louis XV the Well-Beloved
The Oath of the Tennis Court
Not Revolt, But Revolution
How the King and Queen Went to Paris
The Red Terror
The Directory and the "Little Corporal"
The Consulate and General Bonaparte
Napoleon Emperor and King
The Sun of Austerlitz
A King of Kings
The Heart of Russia
Farewell to France
The Hundred Days
The Emperor Who Never Reigned
The White Terror and the Holy Alliance
The Revolution of July
The Adventures of a Rebel Princess
The Adventures of a Rebel Prince
The Revolution of February
Last Stand for the Bourbons
Louis Napoleon Becomes President of the French
"The Crime of December"
Napoleon III a Prisoner
The Third Republic

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