Gateway to the Classics: The Book of Missionary Heroes by Basil Mathews
The Book of Missionary Heroes by  Basil Mathews

Table of Contents

The Relay Race
The Hero of the Long Trail
The Men of the Shingle Beach
The Knight of a New Crusade
Francis Coeur-de-Lion
The Adventurous Ship
The Island Beacon Fires
The Daybreak Call
Kapiolani, the Heroine of Hawaii
The Canoe of Adventure
The Arrows of Santa Cruz
Five Knots in a Palm Leaf
The Boy of the Adventurous Heart
The Scout of Papua
A South Sea Samaritan
The Man Who Would Go On
A Black Prince of Africa
The Knight of the Slave Girls
"A Man Who Can Turn His Hand to Anything"
The Roadmaker
Fighting the Slave Trade
The Black Apostle of the Lonely Lake
The Woman Who Conquered Cannibals
Sons of the Desert
A Race against Time
The Moses of the Assyrians
An American Nurse in the Great War
On the Desert Camel Trail
The Friend of the Arab

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