Gateway to the Classics: Historical Tales: French by Charles Morris
Historical Tales: French by  Charles Morris


Bayard, the Good Knight
Bertrand du Guesclin
The Burning of Moscow
The Career of a Knight-Errant
Charlemagne and the Avars
Charles the Bold and the Swiss
The Commune of Laon
The Crowning of Charlemagne
The Diamond Necklace
The End of the Terror
Episodes in the Life of a Traitor
The Fall of the Bastille
The Flight of the King
How Big Ferre Fought for France
The Huns at Orleans
Joan of Arc, the Maid of Orleans
King Henry of Navarre
Louis the Politic and Charles the Bold
The Man with the Iron Mask
A Martyr to his Profession
The Murder of a King
Napoleon's Return from Elba
The Parliament of Paris
Peter the Hermit
The Prussian War and the Paris Commune
Richelieu and the Conspirators
The Rival Queens
Roland at Roncesvalles
St. Bartholomew's Day
The Story of Sainte Amoule
Voltaire's Last Visit to Paris
The Wooing of Clotilde

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