Gateway to the Classics: Historical Tales: Spanish by Charles Morris
Historical Tales: Spanish by  Charles Morris

Table of Contents

Front Matter

The Good King Wamba
The Greek King's Daughter
The Enchanted Palace
The Battle of Guadalete
The Table of Solomon
The Story of Queen Exilona
Pelistes, the Defender of Cordova
The Stratagem of Theodomir
The Cave of Covadonga
The Adventures of a Fugitive Prince
Bernardo del Carpio
Ruy Diaz, the Cid Campeador
Las Navas de Tolosa
The Key to Granada
King Abul Hassan and the Alcaide of Gibraltar
The Rival Kings of Granada
The Knight of the Exploits
The Last Sigh of the Moor
The Return of Columbus
Peter the Cruel and the Free Companies
The Great Captain
A King in Captivity
The Invasion of Africa
An Emperor Retired from Business
The Fate of a Reckless Prince
Spain's Greatest Victory at Sea
The Invincible Armada
The Causes of Spain's Decadence
The Last of a Royal Race
Henry Morgan and the Buccaneers
Elizabeth Farnese and Alberoni
The Rock of Gibralter
The Fall of a Favorite
The Siege of Saragossa
The Hero of the Carlists
Manila and Santiago

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