Gateway to the Classics: For Prey and Spoils by Frederick A. Ober
For Prey and Spoils by  Frederick A. Ober

Table of Contents

Front Matter

The Sea King's Home
Captured by Corsairs
About the Duel that I Fought
In Pirate's Paradise
How we Beheaded the Hydra
Feeding the Sharks at Tortuga
Buccaneers Mansvelt and Morgan
The Cave in the Cliff
The Oldest Buccaneer Alive
How the White Slave Purshased Freedom
The Brethren of the Sea
How a Fair Maiden was Rescued
The Spanish Don and his Daughter
Now Forth for Prey and Spoils
The Capture of Puerto Bello
Storming the Castle and Convent
How a Roof was Burned over our Heads
Our Refuge in the Dungeons of the Dead
A Voyage on a Gold-Laden Galleon
What the Fire-raft did at Maracaibo
A Fight to the Finish for Honor
The Revenge of the Lake-Dwellers
What Befell the Murderous Buccaneers
Better to Die A-fighting

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