Gateway to the Classics: Holiday Pond by Edith M. Patch
Holiday Pond by  Edith M. Patch

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Holiday Pond
by Edith M. Patch
Holiday Pond opens by inviting the reader to set aside their cares for an afternoon, and, after a refreshing dip in the pond and some wild blueberries for refreshment, sit in the cool of the shade and watch as the many creatures of Holiday Pond reveal their stories. You may see for yourself a painted turtle who has traveled far and wide, a mother raccoon and her nursery, a yelping frog, pond lilies, and many other fascinating plants and animals. It is a lovely place indeed and you will doubtless feel sorry to have to leave it!  Ages 8-10
106 pages $13.95   

Table of Contents

An Invitation
The Yelping Frog
Lotor, the Washer
Blue Damsel‑Flies
Visitors from the Sea
The Painted Turtle
Cardinal Flowers
Nim Fay, the Sap Drinker
Sandy the Swallow
A Pond‑Lily's Guests
The Dusky Ducks

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