Gateway to the Classics: Holiday Shore by Edith M. Patch
Holiday Shore by  Edith M. Patch

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Holiday Shore
by Edith M. Patch
The shore is full of wonders as it defines the boundary between sea and land, and is the one place where the two are mingled together. As waves wash over and over upon the land, the coastline itself is changed, and at Holiday Shore, these waves eventually washed away a little cove that then became a bay. It is in that bay that the subjects of these imaginative stories dwell. There, the reader will find eels, barnacles, king crab, starfish, and many other shoreline wonders to learn about and to marvel over.  Ages 8-10
114 pages $13.95   

Table of Contents

Welcome to the Shore
The Changing Shore
Low Tide
Aster and Spiny
Shore Snails
Loligo's Tricks
King Limulus
Hermits and Other Crabs
Waiting Barnacles and Worms
Nesting Time Among the Fishes
Eels and Lamper Eels
Harbor Birds

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