Gateway to the Classics: Outdoor Visits by Edith M. Patch
Outdoor Visits by  Edith M. Patch

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Outdoor Visits
by Edith M. Patch
Follow along with Don and Nan as they encounter one marvel after another in their visits out-of-doors through all seasons of the year. With adults to answer questions and inspire them to further discovery, they learn an amazing amount of information about a handful of birds, insects, plants, and trees. Large print text with numerous illustrations.  Ages 6-8
213 pages $13.95   

Table of Contents

Front Matter


A Pleasant Game
Goldenrod Honey
A Round Goldenrod Gall
The Yellow Spider
Blue Chicory
Flyaway Seeds
Some Birds Go South
Broad Leaves in Fall
Fall Picnics
What Do You Remember?


Some Insects in Winter
A New Year's Party
Some Trees with Cones
Tracks on the Snow
What Do You Remember?


Sounds of Spring
Ladybird Flies Away
Broad Leaves in Spring
Young Frogs
Don's Yellow Spring Flower
White Feathers
Nan's Blue Spring Flower
What Do You Remember?


Helping Mother Oriole
A Stem with Three Sides
Some Very Small Snails
Ladybird's Children
Johnny Darter
A Spider's Tower
The Bee That Cut Leaves
Box Turtle
Ants with Wings
Berries for Bluebirds
What Do You Remember?

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