Gateway to the Classics: The Japanese Twins by Lucy Fitch Perkins
The Japanese Twins by  Lucy Fitch Perkins

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The Japanese Twins
by Lucy Fitch Perkins
Join Taro and Take, 5 year-old Japanese twins, as they greet a new baby brother, play in their garden, and thrill to the sights they see when they ride in rickshaws to the temple to have their new brother blessed. A rainy day finds them painting pictures with colored sands and harnessing beetles with thread, then preparing for their first day of school. The story concludes with the celebration of their birthday-on different days! For Take and all the other girls in Japan celebrate their birthday on one day with a Feast of Dolls, and Taro and all the boys celebrate on another day with a Feast of Flags.  Ages 6-8
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Table of Contents

Front Matter

The Japanese Twins and Bot'chan
The Day the Baby Came
Morning in the Little House
How They Went to the Temple
A Rainy Day
Take's Birthday
Going to School
Taro's Birthday

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