Gateway to the Classics: Pollyanna Grows Up by Eleanor H. Porter
Pollyanna Grows Up by  Eleanor H. Porter

Table of Contents

Della Speaks Her Mind
Some Old Friends
A Dose of Pollyanna
The Game and Mrs. Carew
Pollyanna Takes a Walk
Jerry to the Rescue
A New Acquaintance
Plans and Plottings
In Murphy's Alley
A Surprise for Mrs. Carew
From Behind a Counter
A Waiting and a Winning
Jimmy and the Green-eyed Monster
Aunt Polly Takes Alarm
When Pollyanna Was Expected
When Pollyanna Came
A Matter of Adjustment
Two Letters
The Paying Guests
Summer Days
"Tied to Two Sticks"
Jimmy Wakes Up
The Game and Pollyanna
John Pendleton
The Day Pollyanna Did Not Play
Jimmy and Jamie
Jimmy and John
John Pendleton Turns the Key
After Long Years
A New Aladdin

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