Gateway to the Classics: Men of Iron by Howard Pyle
Men of Iron by  Howard Pyle

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Men of Iron
by Howard Pyle
The thrilling story, set in England in the time of Henry IV, of how Myles Falworth advances to knighthood and through "trial by battle" restores the fallen fortunes of his family. With breathless excitement, the reader follows the adventures of the hero, sympathizing with him in his troubles, fighting in his battles, and rejoicing in his good fortunes.  Ages 10-14
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Table of Contents

Front Matter

A Commotion in the Hall
Life in Seclusion
A New Acquaintance
A Parting
A True Lordly Gift
At the Tilt-yard
Hateful Service
Bitter News
In the Office of Sir James
The Eyry
The Knights of the Rose
Taking a Stand
Hand to Hand
The Challenge
A Fight Won
A Crash Landing
Two Young Ladies
An Unexpected Encounter
Summoned by the Earl
A Friend in High Places
Squire of the Escort
Knight by Order of the Bath
A Bold Request
Before the Joust
The Unhorsing
To France and Back
With the Prince
In the Painted Room
Ordeal by Battle
In the Lists
Fight to the Death

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