Gateway to the Classics: Oxford Book of English Verse, Part 1 by Arthur Quiller-Couch
Oxford Book of English Verse, Part 1 by  Arthur Quiller-Couch

A Bequest of His Heart

Hence, heart, with her that must depart,

And hald thee with thy soverane!

For I had liever want ane heart,

Nor have the heart that dois me pain.

Therefore, go, with thy love remain,

And let me leif thus unmolest;

And see that thou come not again,

But bide with her thou luvis best.

Sen she that I have servit lang

Is to depart so suddenly,

Address thee now, for thou sall gang

And bear thy lady company.

Fra she be gone, heartless am I,

For quhy? thou art with her possest.

Therefore, my heart, go hence in high,

And bide with her thou luvis best.

Though this belappit body here

Be bound to servitude and thrall,

My faithful heart is free entier

And mind to serve my lady at all.

Would God that I were perigall

Under that redolent rose to rest!

Yet at the least, my heart, thou sall

Abide with her thou luvis best.

Sen in your garth the lily quhyte

May not remain amang the laif,

Adieu the flower of whole delite!

Adieu the succour that may me saif!

Adieu the fragrant balme suaif,

And lamp of ladies lustiest!

My faithful heart she shall it haif

To bide with her it luvis best.

Deploir, ye ladies cleir of hue,

Her absence, sen she must depart!

And, specially, ye luveris true

That wounded bene with Luvis dart.

For some of you sall want ane heart

As well as I; therefore at last

Do go with mine, with mind inwart,

And bide with her thou luvis best!

— Alexander Scott

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