Gateway to the Classics: Fairy Tales Too Good To Miss: Beneath the Tower by Lisa M. Ripperton
Fairy Tales Too Good To Miss: Beneath the Tower by  Lisa M. Ripperton

Table of Contents

How To Tell Corn Fairies If You See 'Em
The Three Golden Hairs
The Brownie in the House
The Silver Shilling
Boots Who Made the Princess Say, "That's a Story"
The Forest Bride
The Old Dame and Her Hen
The Two Brothers and the Old Witch
How Two Went into Partnership
The Darning-Needle
The Two Bad Bargains
The Voyage of the Wee Red Cap
The Tailor of Gloucester
What the Old Man Does Is Always Right
The Water of Life
Tom of the Goatskin
The Shepherdess and the Chimney-Sweep
Silly Men and Cunning Wives
The Three Little Men in the Wood
The Swan Maiden
Gigi and the Magic Ring
The Month of March
Kate Mary Ellen
How Dame Margery Saw More Than Was Good for Her
The Shepherd's Nosegay
Boots Who Ate a Match with the Troll
The Tsarevna Frog
The Princess Golden Hair and the Great Black Raven
The Conceited Apple-Branch
The Sleeping Beauty in the Wood
The Little Man with One Shoe
The Amiable Adventures of Minkin Mouse
The Daisy
Cousin Greylegs, the Red Fox, and Grandfather Mole

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