Gateway to the Classics: Earth and Sky Every Child Should Know by Julia Ellen Rogers
Earth and Sky Every Child Should Know by  Julia Ellen Rogers

Table of Contents

Back Matter

The Great Stone Book
The Fossil Fish
The Crust of the Earth
What Is the Earth Made of?
The First Dry Land
A Study of Granite
Metamorphic Rocks
The Air in Motion
The Work of the Wind
Rain in Summer
What Becomes of the Rain?
The Soil in Fields and Gardens
The Work of Earthworms
Quiet Forces That Destroy Rocks
How Rocks Are Made
Getting Acquainted with a River
The Ways of Rivers
The Story of a Pond
The Riddle of the Lost Rocks
The Question Answered
Glaciers among the Alps
The Great Ice Sheet
Following Some Lost Rivers
The Mammoth Cave of Kentucky
Land Building by Rivers
The Making of Mountains
The Lava Flood of the Northwest
The First Living Things
An Ancient Beach at Ebb Tide
The Lime Rocks
The Age of Fishes
King Coal
How Coal Was Made
The Most Useful Metal
The Age of Reptiles
The Age of Mammals
The Horse and His Ancestors
The Age of Man
Every Family a "Star Club"
The Dippers and the Pole Star
Constellations You Can Always See
Winter Constellations
Orion, His Dogs, and the Bull
Seven Famous Constellations
The Twenty Brightest Stars
How To Learn More

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