Gateway to the Classics: Wild Animal Ways by Ernest Thompson Seton
Wild Animal Ways by  Ernest Thompson Seton

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Wild Animal Ways
by Ernest Thompson Seton
Engaging stories of seven more animals, including Coaly-Bay, the outlaw horse; Foam, the razor-backed hog; Way-atcha, the raccoon of Kilder Creek; Billy, the dog that made good; Atalpha, the winged brownie; the wild geese of Wyndygoul; and Jinny, the mischievous monkey. With over 200 sketches by the author.  Ages 11-14
217 pages $13.95   

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Coaly-Bay, The Outlaw Horse
Foam, The Adventures of a Razor-Backed Hog
Way-Atcha, The Coon-Raccoon of Kilder Creek
Billy, The Dog That Made Good
Atalapha, A Winged Brownie
The Wild Geese of Wyndygoul
Jinny, The Taming of a Bad Monkey

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