Gateway to the Classics: Eastern Stories and Legends by Marie L. Shedlock
Eastern Stories and Legends by  Marie L. Shedlock

Table of Contents

Front Matter

The Hare That Ran Away
The Monkey and the Crocodile
The Spirit That Lived in a Tree
The Hare That Was Not Afraid To Die
The Parrot That Fed His Parents
The Man Who Worked To Give Alms
The King Who Saw the Truth
The Bull That Demanded Fair Treatment
The Bull That Proved His Gratitude
The Horse That Held Out to the End
The Monkey That Saved the Herd
The Mallard That Asked for Too Much
The Merchant Who Overcame All Obstacles
The Elephant That Was Honored in Old Age
The Faithful Friend
The Hawk and the Osprey
Grandmother's Golden Dish
The Elephant That Spared Life
How the Antelope Was Caught
The Banyan Deer
The Pupil Who Taught His Teacher
The Man Who Told a Lie
The Crow That Thought It Knew
The Judas Tree
The River-Fish and the Money
The Dreamer in the Wood
The Rice Measure
The Poisonous Trees
The Well-Trained Elephant
The Wise Physician

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