Gateway to the Classics: St. Matthew by J. Paterson Smyth
St. Matthew by  J. Paterson Smyth

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St. Matthew
by J. Paterson Smyth
With this seventh volume in The Bible for School and Home series, the focus is on Christ's great enthusiasm, which was the founding on earth of what he called THE KINGDOM OF GOD, as described in the Gospel of St. Matthew. More of Christ's teachings are considered, and some of the ones treated in earlier volumes, are revisited in this commentary in the context of THE KINGDOM OF GOD.  Ages 14-18
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Table of Contents

Introduction to Series
Introduction to St. Matthew
The Coming of the King
How the King Was Crowned
The Kingdom and Its Laws
The Schooling for the Kingdom
The Teaching of the Kingdom
The "Signs" of the Kingdom
More "Signs" of the Kingdom
How the King Sent Forth Ambassadors
How To Keep Sunday
Seven Pictures of the Kingdom
At Caesarea Philippi
About the Little Ones, and About Forgiveness
Making Bargains with God
Going Up to Jerusalem To Die
Warnings in the Temple
Enemies Laying Snares for Him
Anger and Pity
How He Sets Us To Wait Till He Comes
How He Sets Us Our Work Till He Comes
Four Scenes Before the End
Gethsemane and the Mock Trial
The Crucifixion
The King of Glory

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