Gateway to the Classics: Pepin: A Tale of Twelfth Night by Evaleen Stein
Pepin: A Tale of Twelfth Night by  Evaleen Stein

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Pepin: A Tale of Twelfth Night
by Evaleen Stein
This magical tale follows the life of Pepin, a peasant lad of Medieval France, and circles around the twelfth day after Christmas (the Feast of the Three Kings) as his story unfolds. Raised by his grandfather after the death of his parents, Pepin lives quietly and industriously in a small hut by the edge of the forest. From his grandfather, Pepin learns the story of the wicked duke, Gundebold the Wolf, and learns, too, a consistent generosity that guides him through the twists and turns of his own growing up. A generosity that Pepin will need as the story progresses! Beautifully crafted, and subtly told, this tale will make a welcome addition to any child’s bookshelf!  Ages 9-12
79 pages $11.95   

Table of Contents

Awaiting the Coming of the Kings
The Tale of Gundebold the Wolf
A Knock at the Door
A Change in Circumstances
The Coming of the Duke
Lucky Portion of the Twelfth Loaf
Bounty of the Kind Duke

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