Gateway to the Classics: A Book of Discovery by M. B. Synge
A Book of Discovery by  M. B. Synge

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A Book of Discovery
by M. B. Synge
A fascinating account of the world's famous explorers, including the early travelers in ancient times, the discovery of the New World, explorations in Africa and Australia, and the expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic. Many of the explorers tell part of their story in their own words. Amply illustrated with reproductions of early maps and charts, as well as old woodcuts, drawings, paintings, and miniatures. Emphasis is placed on the explorers' 'record of splendid endurance, of hardships bravely borne, of silent toil, of courage and resolution unequalled in the annals of mankind, of self-sacrifice unrivalled and faithful lives laid ungrudgingly down.'  Ages 12-18
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Table of Contents

Front Matter

Back Matter

A Little Old World
Early Mariners
Is the World Flat?
Herodotus—the Traveller
Alexander the Great Explores India
Pytheas Finds the British Isles
Julius Caesar as Explorer
Strabo's Geography
The Roman Empire and Pliny
Ptolemy's Maps
Pilgrim Travellers
Irish Explorers
After Mohammed
The Vikings Sail the Northern Seas
Arab Wayfarers
Travellers to the East
Marco Polo
The End of Mediaeval Exploration
Mediaeval Maps
Prince Henry of Portugal
Bartholomew Diaz Reaches the Stormy Cape
Christopher Columbus
A Great New World
Vasco da Gama Reaches India
Discovery of the Spice Islands
Balboa Sees the Pacific Ocean
Magellan Sails round the World
Cortes Explores and Conquers Mexico
Explorers in South America
Cabot Sails to Newfoundland
Jacques Cartier Explores Canada
Search for a North-West Passage
Frobisher Searches for a North-West Passage
Drake's Famous Voyage round the World
Davis Strait
Barents Sails to Spitzbergen
Hudson Finds His Bay
Baffin Finds His Bay
Sir Walter Raleigh Searches for El Dorado
Champlain Discovers Lake Ontario
Early Discoverers of Australia
Tasman Finds Tasmania
Dampier Discovers His Strait
Behring Finds His Strait
Cook Discovers New Zealand
Cook's Third Voyage and Death
Bruce's Travels in Abyssinia
Mungo Park and the Niger
Vancouver Discovers His Island
Mackenzie and His River
Parry Discovers Lancaster Sound
The Frozen North
Franklin's Land Voyage to the North
Parry's Polar Voyage
The Search for Timbuktu
Landers Discover the Mouth of the Niger
Ross Discovers the North Magnetic Pole
Flinders Names Australia
Sturt's Discoveries in Australia
Ross Makes Discoveries in the Antarctic Seas
Franklin Discovers the North-West Passage
David Livingstone
Burton and Speke in Central Africa, 1856
Livingston Traces Lakes Shirwa and Nyassa
Expedition to Victoria Nyanza
Baker Finds Albert Nyanza
Livingstone's Last Journey
Through the Dark Continent
Nordenskiöld Accomplishes North-East Passage
The Exploration of Tibet
Nansen Reaches Farthest North
Peary Reaches the North Pole, 1909
The Quest for the South Pole

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