Gateway to the Classics: The Discovery of New Worlds by M. B. Synge
The Discovery of New Worlds by  M. B. Synge

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The Discovery of New Worlds
by M. B. Synge
Book II of the Story of the World series. Relates the rise and fall of the Roman Empire, the middle ages in Europe, the rise of Islam and the Crusades, and finally the age of exploration, and the establishment of trade with the Far East. The book concludes with the discoveries of Columbus and the Spanish settlements in the New World.  Ages 10-18
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Table of Contents

Front Matter

Back Matter

The Roman World
A Great World Power
Voyage and Shipwreck
The Tragedy of Nero
The Great Fire in Rome
The Destruction of Pompeii
Marcus Aurelius
Decline of the Roman Empire
Christians to the Lions
A New Rome
The Armies of the North
The Dark Ages
King Arthur and His Knights
The Hero of Two Nations
The Hardy Northmen
How the Northmen Conquered England
A Spanish Hero
The First Crusade
Frederick Barbarossa
The Third Crusade
The Days of Chivalry
Queen of the Adriatic
The Story of Marco Polo
Dante's Great Poem
The Maid of Orleans
The Sea of Darkness
Prince Henry, the Sailor
A Famous Voyage
The Invention of Printing
The Stormy Cape
Vasco da Gama's Great Voyage
India at Last
The New Trade-Route
Golden Goa
Christopher Columbus
The Last of the Moors
Discovery of the New World
The West Indies
Columbus in Chains
A Great Mistake
Follow the Leader
Discovery of the Pacific
Magellan's Great Plan
Magellan's Straits
Round the World
The Finding of Mexico
Siege and Fall of Mexico
Conquest of Peru
A Great Awakening

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