Gateway to the Classics: Life of Gladstone by M. B. Synge
Life of Gladstone by  M. B. Synge

Table of Contents

Front Matter

William Ewart Gladstone
School Life
At Oxford
Member for Newark
For Conscience' Sake
Member for Oxford
A "First Rate Performance"
Mr. Gladstone's Holiday
His First Budget
Some Personal Characteristics
A War Budget
A Congenial Task
A Liberal
Rejected for Oxford
Prime Minister
Life at Hawarden
Some of Gladstone's Sayings
Justice for Bulgaria
A Breakdown
Storm and Stress
Gathering Clouds
Gladstone and Tennyson
Other Old Friends
Home Rule
His Last Fight
As Scholar and Orator
Extracts from Speeches
A Gift to the Nation
The End
The Nation's Loss

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