Gateway to the Classics: The Struggle for Sea Power by M. B. Synge
The Struggle for Sea Power by  M. B. Synge

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The Struggle for Sea Power
by M. B. Synge
Book IV of the Story of the Worlds series. Focuses on the age of empire and world colonization. The histories of European colonies in America, Australia, South Africa, and India are related. Also covered are the Revolution in America, the French Revolution, and campaigns of Napoleon.  Ages 12-18
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Front Matter

Back Matter

The Story of the Great Mogul
Robert Clive
The Black Hole of Calcutta
The Struggle for North America
George Washington, Soldier and Patriot
How Pitt Saved England
The Fall of Quebec
The Great Lord Hawke
The Boston Tea-Ships
The Declaration of Independence
Captain Cook's Story
James Bruce and the Nile
The Trial of Warren Hastings
Marie Antoinette
The Fall of the Bastile
The Flight to Varennes
A Reign of Terror
Napoleon Bonaparte
Horatio Nelson
The Adventures of Mungo Park
The Adventures of Baron Humboldt
The Beginning of the Struggle
The Battle of the Nile
Napoleon, Emperor of the French
The Battle of Trafalgar
The Death of Nelson
A Second Charlemagne
The Rise of Wellington
At the Cape of Good Hope
The First Australian Colony
Story of the Slave-Trade
The Defense of Saragoza
Sir John Moore at Coruna
The Victory of Talavera
The Peasant Hero of Tyrol
The Empire at Its Height
The Shannon and the Chesapeake
Napoleon's Retreat from Moscow
Wellington's Victories in Spain
Spain for the Spaniards
The Fall of the Empire
Story of the Steam-Engine
The Congress of Vienna
The Eve of Waterloo
The Exile of St. Helena

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