Gateway to the Classics: The Reign of Queen Victoria by M. B. Synge
The Reign of Queen Victoria by  M. B. Synge

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Appendix I: The British Empire, 1901

Appendix II: Chief Events of Victorian Age

Appendix III: Questions

Victoria—Queen of Great Britain and Ireland
A Sketch of Britain in 1837
Across the Seas
Colonists in South Africa
Troubles in India
Britain's Children
The People's Charter
Ireland and Famine
Free Trade
Emigrants in Australia and New Zealand
The Great Exhibition
War in the Crimea
The Fall of Sebastopol
The Indian Mutiny
Lucknow and Delhi
Sir John Franklin and the North-west Passage
Preparing the Empire
Some Account of Egypt and Sudan
Canadian Federation
The Work of Lord Beaconsfield
Irish Affairs
In South Africa
Cecil Rhodes in Rhodesia
Gloomy Days in Egypt
The Queen's Jubilee
The Queen's Diamond Jubilee
Looking Backwards
An Age of Science
Mr. Gladstone
Modern Egypt
The British in West Africa
The Transvaal War
The Dominion of Canada
The Australian Commonwealth
The Passing of the Queen
The Trade of the Empire
The British Empire

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