Gateway to the Classics: Old World Hero Stories by Eva March Tappan
Old World Hero Stories by  Eva March Tappan

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Homer, the Great Story Teller
Lycurgus, Who Made His Countrymen into Soldiers
Solon, Who Made Laws for the Athenians
Darius of Persia Is Repulsed at Marathon
Xerxes of Persia Tries to Conquer Greece
Pericles and His Age
Two Philosophers, Socrates and Plato
Demosthenes, the Famous Greek Orator
Alexander the Great
How Rome Was Founded
Cincinnatus, the Man from the Plough
Hannibal, Who Fought against Rome
Julius Caesar, the First Emperor of Rome
Cicero, the Great Roman Orator
Augustus and the Augustan Age
Marcus Aurelius, the Philosopher Emperor
Constantine the Great

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