Gateway to the Classics: History Stories for Primary Grades by John W. Wayland
History Stories for Primary Grades by  John W. Wayland

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History Stories for Primary Grades
by John Wayland
 Ages 4-8
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Table of Contents

The First Christmas Song
The First Easter Morning
The Girl Who Heard Voices
A Room Full of Gold
Baby Virgina
Squanto, the Corn-Planter
Thanksgiving Day
Washington's Birthday
A Big Bell
Nancy Hart's Dinner
Betsy Ross's Needle
A White Horse
Planting a Tree
Yellow King Corn
White King Cotton
Black King Coal
Strong King Iron
Heavy King Gold
Chucky Jack and His Horse
Davy Crockett and the Bears
Alexander the Great
Charles the Great
Alfred the Great
Peter the Great
The Boy Who Dreamed
The Shepherd Boy and the Giant
The First Christmas Gift
Easter Candles
How a King Got Out of Prison
The Red Velvet Cloak
Finding a New World
The Mayflower and the Pilgrims
At the First Thanksgiving
Fishing with Fire
Horseshoes of Gold
Riding a Colt
Hatchets and Cherries
George Washington as a Schoolboy
Planting Thirteen Trees
A House on a Mountain
Robert Lee and His Mother
A Boy's Boat-Ride
A Sweet Song
The Girl Who Gathered Barley
The King's Christmas
Easter Lilies
Saint Valentine
Balboa's Discovery
The Man Who Was Thirsty
Jamestown Day
Washington as a Surveyor
A City on a Rock
When New York City Had a Wall
When Chicago Was a Village
How Thanksgiving Grew
White Friends and Red Friends
A Famous Tree
The Tea Party at Boston
The Tea Party at Edenton
The First Fourth of July
Crossing the Delaware
Cynthia's Cow
Opening the Golden Gate
The Star-Spangled Banner
The Boy and the Flag
A Cabin in Kentucky
The River That Runs Through a Mountain
The Cross on the Mountain

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