Gateway to the Classics: Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm by Kate Douglas Wiggin
Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm by  Kate Douglas Wiggin

Table of Contents

"We Are Seven"
Rebecca's Relations
A Difference in Hearts
Rebecca's Point of View
Wisdom's Ways
Sunshine in a Shady Place
Riverboro Secrets
Color of Rose
Ashes of Roses
Rainbow Bridges
"The Stirring of the Powers"
"See the Pale Martyr"
Snow-White; Rose-Red
Mr. Aladdin
The Banquet Lamp
Seasons of Growth
Gray Days and Gold
Rebecca Represents the Family
Deacon Israel's Successor
A Change of Heart
The Skyline Widens
Clover Blossoms and Sunflowers
The Hill Difficulty
Aladdin Rubs His Lamp
Roses of Joy
"Over the Teacups"
"The Vision Splendid"
"Th' Inevitable Yoke"
Mother and Daughter
Good-bye, Sunnybrook!
Aunt Miranda's Apology

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