Gateway to the Classics: Seaside and Wayside, Book One by Julia McNair Wright
Seaside and Wayside, Book One by  Julia McNair Wright

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Mr. and Mrs. Crab
Mr. Crab and His House
More About Mr. Crab
Mr. and Mrs. Crab Get a New Coat
What the Crab Does
Mr. Crab and His Friends
Some Other Crabs
The Hermit Crab
The Crab's Enemies
The Uses of Crabs
Mrs. Wasp and Her Home
What Mrs. Wasp Can Do
A Look at Mrs. Wasp
Mrs. Wasp's Year
Mrs. Wasp at Home
The Bee and the Man
A Look at a Bee
The Bee at Home
The Bee Babies
The Bee War
The Bee's Work
The Wise Bees
Earth Bees
Other Bees
More about Bees
The Spider and His Dress
The Spider at Home
The Little Nest
The Spider and His Food
Very Queer Spiders
Out of Harm's Way
The Story of Mr. Conch
More about Sea-Babies
About Mr. Drill
The Story of a War
How Shell-Fish Feed

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