Gateway to the Classics: Seaside and Wayside, Book Two by Julia McNair Wright
Seaside and Wayside, Book Two by  Julia McNair Wright

Table of Contents

Front Matter

A Look at an Ant
The Life of an Ant
The Ant's Home
The Ants at Home
The Ants on a Trip
The Farmer Ants
Ants and Their Trades
The Slave Ants
Wonder Ants
The Ways of Ants
Mr. Worm and His Family
Mr. Earth-Worm at Home
Mr. Worm at Work
Mr. Worm's Cottage by the Sea
Mr. Worm at Home
A Look at a House-Fly
How To Look at a Fly
Mrs. Fly and Her Foes
Of What Use Are Flies?
A Swarm of Flies
Some Queer Flies
In Armor Clad
When Mr. Beetle Was Young
How To Learn about Beetles
The Rose Beetle
Princes and Giants
The Little Sexton
The Story of the Stag Beetle
Mr. Beetle Seeks for a Home
The Little Water-Men
Whirligig Beetles
What a Fisherman Told
Mr. Barnacle and His Son
A Fishing Party
A Last Look at Mr. Barnacle
Flowers of the Sea
The Life of a Jelly-Fish
A Sea-Change
The Star-Fish with an Overcoat
The Flying Flowers
Under the Water
A Happy Change
The Dragon-Fly and His Cousins
The Wings of the Dragon-Fly
Review Lessons

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