Gateway to the Classics: A Book of Golden Deeds by Charlotte M. Yonge
A Book of Golden Deeds by  Charlotte M. Yonge

Table of Contents

What Is a Golden Deed?
The Stories of Alcestis and Antigone
The Cup of Water
How One Man Has Saved a Host
The Pass of Thermopylae
The Rock of the Capitol
The Two Friends of Syracuse
The Devotion of the Decii
The Brave Brethren of Judah
The Chief of the Arverni
Withstanding the Monarch in His Wrath
The Last Fight in the Coliseum
The Shepherd Girl of Nanterre
Leo the Slave
The Battle of the Blackwater
Guzman El Bueno
Faithful Till Death
What Is Better Than Slaying a Dragon
The Keys of Calais
The Battle of Sempach
The Constant Prince
The Carnival of Perth
The Crown of St. Stephen
George the Triller
Sir Thomas More's Daughter
Under Ivan the Terrible
Fort St. Elmo
The Voluntary Convict
The Housewives of Loewenburg
Fathers and Sons
The Soldiers in the Snow
Gunpowder Perils
Heroes of the Plague
The Second of September
The Vendeens
The Faithful Slaves of Haiti
The Petitioners for Pardon
The Children of Blentarn Ghyll
Agostina of Zaragoza
Casal Novo
The Mad Dog
The Monthyon Prizes
The Loss of the "Magpie" Schooner
The Fever at Osmotherly
The Chieftainess and the Volcano
The Rescuers
The Rescue Party
The Children in the Wood of the Far South

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