Gateway to the Classics: Unknown to History by Charlotte Mary Yonge
Unknown to History by  Charlotte Mary Yonge

Table of Contents

The Little Waif
Evil Tidings
The Captive
The Oak and the Oaken Hall
The Huckstering Woman
The Bewitched Whistle
The Blast of the Whistle
The Key of the Cipher
The Lady Arbell
Queen Mary's Presence Chamber
A Furious Letter
Beads and Bracelets
The Monograms
Mother and Child
The Peak Cavern
The Ebbing Well
Cis or Sister
The Clash of Swords
Wingfield Manor
A Tangle
The Love Token
A Lioness at Bay
Paul's Walk
In the Web
The Castle Well
Hunting Down the Deer
The Search
Westminster Hall
In the Tower
Before the Commissioners
A Venture
My Lady's Remorse
Master Talbot and His Charge
The Fetterlock Court
The Sentence
Her Royal Highness
The Supplication
The Warrant
On the Humber
Ten Years After

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