Hamilton Wright Mabie
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Hamilton Wright Mabie

(1845 – 1916)

1901 Norse Stories Retold from the Eddas 2 Literature / Mythology / Norse
1906 Legends Every Child Should Know 2 Literature / Legends
1908 Heroes Every Child Should Know 2 History, World / History Tales

A native of New York State, Hamilton Wright Mabie, graduated from Williams College in 1867 and received his law degree from Columbia in 1869. For a time he served on the staff of the Christian Union, which later became the Outlook, eventually becoming its associate editor. As an essayist and critic, his work was published in many magazines and newspapers.

He edited a number of anthologies for children.

0 Kindergarten
1 Grades 1 to 3
2 Grades 4 to 6
3 Grades 7-9
4 Grades 10-12

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