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We are delighted to welcome you to Gateway to the Classics where you can find one of the best online collections of classic literature for children and the young at heart.

Library: Hundreds of Books, Thousands of Stories

Our library of books to read online includes hundreds of titles in a wide variety of genres, with special emphasis on history, literature, and natural history. In addition to the thousands of stories we make available to you, we now offer a collection of over 2500 poems. A small number of audio recordings of books, poems, and songs are now accessible from some devices. You can browse the library holdings by clicking on the open gate in the upper lefthand corner of the screen wherever you see it.

Offering: A Kindergarten Read Aloud Banquet

Our new offering is A Kindergarten Read Aloud Banquet—a twelve week plan of readings, with poems and stories from a variety of genres to read each week.

Featured Author: James Baldwin

It seems only fitting that our first featured author is James Baldwin. After all, the Baldwin Project at that we founded in 1999 was named after him, and the first book we published at Yesterday's Classics was Baldwin's Fifty Famous Stories Retold  (2005). In this feature we offer a short biography and a review of all the books that he produced.

Blog: A Culture of Reading

Visit our new blog A Culture of Reading and sign up to receive updates. We will be using this blog to inform you about new titles, new offerings, and new features at Gateway to the Classics, as well as to encourage you to explore more of our existing content. This post, This Way to Christmas with Ruth Sawyer, gives a glimpse of how we may help you discover titles available at Gateway to the Classics, and incorporate them into your reading. We invite you to join the conversation at A Culture of Reading.

Three Sites Work in Concert

Gateway to the Classics provides an attractive interface for online reading. Yesterday's Classics, our publishing arm, offers ebooks and print editions. And A Culture of Reading provides information about content at Gateway to the Classics and encourages you in your reading life in your home and beyond.

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