Gateway to the Classics: Hannibal by Jacob Abbott
Hannibal by  Jacob Abbott

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by Jacob Abbott
An account of the life of the famous Carthaginian general who acquired distinction as a warrior by his desperate contests with the Romans. This lively treatment of the Punic Wars graphically depicts Hannibal's crossing of the Alps with his elephants, the battles he waged in Italy, his eventual defeat, and the ultimate destruction of Carthage.  Ages 12-18
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Table of Contents

Front Matter

The First Punic War
Hannibal at Saguntum
Opening of the Second Punic War
The Passage of the Rhone
Hannibal Crosses the Alps
Hannibal in the North of Italy
The Apennines
The Dictator Fabius
The Battle of Cannae
Hannibal a Fugitive and an Exile
The Destruction of Carthage

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