Gateway to the Classics: North America by Nellie B. Allen
North America by  Nellie B. Allen

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North America
by Nellie B. Allen
 Ages 10-18
452 pages $16.95   

Table of Contents

Front Matter

A Trip through New England
In and Around the Appalachian Highlands
A Visit to Our Coastal Plain
Up the Mississippi into the Central Plains
Westward to the Great Plains
The Wonders of Our Rocky Mountain Highland
Over the Mountains to the Western Plateaus
The Pacific Mountains and Lowlands
The Great Country of Alaska
Our Northern Neighbors, Canada and Newfoundland
In the Maritime Provinces
Newfoundland and Labrador
On the Uplands and Lowlands of Quebec and Ontario
Over the Great Canadian Plains
Mountains and Valleys of Western Canada
The Country of Mexico
Some Mexican Industries
The Seven Little Countries of Central America
Some Islands around North America
A Trip to the West Indies
General Review

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