Gateway to the Classics: South America by Nellie B. Allen
South America by  Nellie B. Allen

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South America
by Nellie B. Allen
 Ages 10-18
443 pages $16.95   

Table of Contents

Colombia and the City of Bogota
A Trip through Venezuela
Guiana and Its Sugar Plantations
A Great County and Its Great Capital
The Amazon Valley and Its Rubber Trees
A Visit to a Coffee Plantation
The Pleasant Land of Uruguay
The Argentine Republic and Its "City of Good Airs"
Cattle Ranches and Wheat Fields
A Sail up the Parana and Paraguay Rivers
The Southernmost Town in the World
Over the Andes to Chile
Chile and the Chileans
Deserts and Desert Products
Bolivia—Its Mines and Its People
A Sail above the Clouds into Peru
Ecuador and Its Cocoa Plantations
Homeward through the Panama Canal
General Review

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