Gateway to the Classics: West African Folk-Tales by William H. Barker
West African Folk-Tales by  William H. Barker


"Morning Sunrise"
Adzanumee and Her Mother
Anansi and Nothing
Anansi and the Blind Fisherman
Farmer Mybrow and the Fairies
The Grinding-stone That Ground Flour by Itself
Honourable Minu
How Beasts and Serpents First Came into the World
How Mushrooms first Grew
How We Got the Name "Spider Tales"
How Wisdom Became the Property of the Human Race
How the Tortoise Got Its Shell
The Hunter and the Tortoise
King Chameleon and the Animals
Kwofi and the Gods
The Leopard and the Ram
The Lion and the Wolf
Maku Mawu and Maku Fia
Ohia and the Thieving Deer
The Omanhene Who Liked Riddles
Quarcoo Bah-Boni
The Robber and the Old Man
The Squirrel and the Spider
Thunder and Anansi
Tit for Tat
To Lose an Elephant for the Sake of a Wren
The Ungrateful Man
Why Spiders Are Always Found in the Corners
Why Tigers Never Attack Men Unless They are Provok
Why We See Ants Carrying Big Bundles
Why White Ants Always Harm Man's Property
Why the Leopard Can Only Catch Prey on its Left
Why the Lizard Moves His Head Up and Down
Why the Moon and Stars Receive Light from the Sun
Why the Sea-turtle Beats Its Breast

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