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Drawing for Children and Others
by Vernon Blake
Conversational guide to principles of drawing written in a thoroughly engaging way. With lots of suggestions of what to do-draw from nature, make lots of drawings, pay attention to balance-and a few to avoid-do not copy, do not erase, do not hesitate to start over, the author starts budding artists on the path to learning to draw. Through examination of a number of drawings by old masters as well as by the author himself, the reader comes to appreciate the importance of balance, composition, and patterns. Terms such as Perspective, Horizon Line, and Vanishing Point are introduced as well as ways of making drawings look 'solid.' Above all, the reader will come away with the understanding that learning to draw is learning to see, together with a framework for improving his own drawing and for appreciating that of others. A book to read slowly and return to again and again.  Ages 13-18
181 pages $11.95   

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