Gateway to the Classics: The Christmas Reindeer by Thornton W. Burgess
The Christmas Reindeer by  Thornton W. Burgess

Table of Contents

Tuktu and Aklak
Kringle Valley
Tuktu's Soft Heart
Whitefoot Goes Astray
Lost in the Fog
The Awakening of Tuktu
The Great Mill
The Good Spirit
The Chosen Deer
Tuktu's Happy Thought
Tuktu Tells Her Story
The Deer People
The Wilful Young Deer
When the World Was Young
The First Reindeer
Little Spot and Tuktu Dream
Tuktu and Aklak Have a Secret
The Round-Up
The Christmas Story
The Great Temptation
Attacked by Wolves
The Christmas Invitation
The Christmas Vision

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