Gateway to the Classics: The Adventures of Mr. Mocker by Thornton Burgess
The Adventures of Mr. Mocker by  Thornton Burgess

Table of Contents

The Lone Traveler
Unc' Billy Possum Grows Excited
Unc' Billy's Vain Search
Unc' Billy Comes Home
Sammy Jay Is Indignant
Sammy Jay Thinks He's Going Crazy
Sammy Jay Sits Up All Night
Sammy Jay Is Glad He Sat Up All Night
The Mystery Grows
Sammy Jay Seeks Advice
How Blacky the Crow's Plan Worked Out
No One Believes Peter Rabbit
Sticky-Toes the Tree Toad Pours Out His Troubles
Peter Rabbit Meets Unc' Billy Possum
Peter Rabbit and Unc' Billy Possum Keep Watch
Unc' Billy Possum Does a Little Surprising Himself
The Meeting of Two Old Friends
The Mischief-Makers
Bobby Coon Makes a Discovery
Bobby Coon and Ol' Mistah Buzzard Have a Talk
Bobby Coon Has a Busy Day
Unc' Billy Possum Sees Many Backs
Unc' Billy Possum Consults Ol' Mistah Buzzard
Unc' Billy Possum Gives a Party
Unc' Billy Possum's Surprise
Mr. Mocker Makes Himself at Home

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