Gateway to the Classics: Wild Life Under the Equator by Paul du Chaillu
Wild Life Under the Equator by  Paul du Chaillu

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Preliminary Chapter
Parrot Island
A Shekiani Village
Hunting Elephants and Buffaloes
A Royal Reception
An Enormous Gorilla
The First Gorilla Hunter
Hippopotamus Hunting
By the Seashore
An African Funeral
A Tornado
A Creek of Snakes
The Witch-doctor's Poison
A Royal Feast
The Terrible Bashikouay Ants
Curious African Birds
An Elephant Chase
Courtship and Marriage in Africa
The Feast of Njambai
Sick with Fever
A Witchcraft Trial
Gorilla Hunting
A Paradise of Flies
An Elephant Pit
A Deserted Village
In Hostile Territory
We Spy on our Enemies
We Return to Camp

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