Gateway to the Classics: The Chantry Priest of Barnet by Alfred J. Church
The Chantry Priest of Barnet by  Alfred J. Church

Table of Contents

Front Matter

Of the Abbey of St. Alban, of Offa, of Matthew
Of the Writing Chamber in St. Alban's Abbey
Of My Sojourn at Eton
How I Go to Oxford
Of My Sojourn at Oxford and of John Eliot
Of the College of St. Mary Magdalen
Of My Friendship with John Eliot
Of John Eliot's Home
Of My Life in Shropshire
How I Saw the Battle of Blore Heath
Of Bishop William and Others
Of the Eliots Again
Of Edward Norton and His Story
I Propose To Become a Monk
I Enter the House of St. Albans
Of My Sojourn in the House of St. Albans
I Fall Sick
I Go to London with the King
Of the Battle of Barnet
Of Certain Things after the Battle of Barnet
Of the Chantry of Barnet
Of My Manner of Life at Barnet
Of Thomas Caxton and Others
Of the Battle of Flodden
Of Mistress Joan
My Last Writing in This Book
The Epilogue Writ by Thomas Bingham

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