Gateway to the Classics: The Crusaders by Alfred J. Church
The Crusaders by  Alfred J. Church

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Front Matter

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Concerning This History
Peter the Hermit
More Concerning Peter the Hermit
The First Crusade
Of the Besieging of Antioch
Of the Taking of Antioch
How the Christians Were Besieged in Antioch
Of the March to Jerusalem
Of the Besieging and Taking of Jerusalem
How Duke Godfrey Was Chosen King
Of the Kingdom in Jerusalem
How Saladin Took Jerusalem
Of What Befell after the Taking of Jerusalem
Of the Siege of Acre
More Concerning the Siege of Acre
How King Richard Took a Great Ship
Of King Richard in Camp
How the Town Was Given Up
How the Hostages Were Slain
The Battle of Arsuf
How King Richard Parleyed with Saladin
How the King's Purpose Was Baulked
How King Richard Departed
Of What Befell at Constantinople
The Children Crusaders
How King Louis Came to Egypt
How the Crusaders Fared in Damietta
Of What Befell at Mansoura
How the King Surrendered Himself
Of the Slaying of the Sultan, and What Followed
Of King Louis at Acre
Concerning the Tartars
Of the Ending of the Expedition
The Last Crusade

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