Gateway to the Classics: The Hammer by Alfred J. Church
The Hammer by  Alfred J. Church


At Antioch
The Battle of Beth-zur
The Battle of Emmaus
The Burial of Mattathias
Civil War
The Cleansing of the Temple
The Darkness Thickens
The Dedication of the Temple
The Evil Days
The Falling Away
Guerilla Warfare in the Mountains
The Hope of Israel
Hopes and Fears
In Jerusalem
In the Mountains
The Last Battle
Light out of Darkness
More Victories
A New Order of Things
News Bad and Good
News from the Battle-Field
The Patriot Army
A Peaceful Interval
The Persecution
The Sabbatical Year
Shallum the Wine-Seller
The Sword of Apollonius
Wars and Rumours of Wars
The Wrath To Come

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