Gateway to the Classics: Helmet and Spear by Alfred J. Church
Helmet and Spear by  Alfred J. Church


Across the Euphrates
Apollo the Defender
The Army of the Hundred Provinces
The Avalanche from the Alps
Battles on Plain and Shore
Beyond the Pyrenees
Beyond the Rhine
The Blotting Out of Carthage
A Century of Disgrace
A Century of Revival
The Conquests of Caesar
The Day of Allia
The Deliverer from Corinth
Dionysius the Tyrant
The Disaster at the Lake
The Fight on the River
For Rule of the Sea
Furthest Britain
Hannibal's Last Battle
In the Straits
The Irresistible Phalanx
The Last Advance
The Lion King
The Lord of Syracuse
The Martyr Patriot
The Men of Marathon
The Overthrow of Cannae
The Secret March
The Servants of Mars
The Sons of Lightning
The Storm from Africa
The Swarm from the North
Three Deadly Blows
The Wooden Walls

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